Monday, June 11, 2012

Popular Rob!

When I was younger I was a dork. The biggest dork you would ever see. I wasn't a people person to say the least. Most of high school was spent with no real friends. The few friends I did have where not really friends at all but mostly trouble makers that did not have half the ambition to cause trouble has to see someone else (me) do something wrong. No friends.... to say the least.

Girls where off limits and simply out of the question. Talking to a girl was a nightmare in my head and something I never dared to do. Even if I did somehow find an opportunity to talk to a girl the right words where never found and interest in me died fast. Honestly, I would have done much better not saying anything at all.

Not being able to talk to girls was almost easy. I hardly ever spoke. Heck, I hardly ever kept my head up. Believe me, in classes I was the kid that never raised his hand.... to much attention. I walked around high school under the consent impression that everyone was some how bigger then me.

I was an easy target for the big kids to. Gosh how they loved to pick on me. Actually, I have to admit.... I like to get down in a good fist fight. I only had to get beat up a few times before I realized pain was in the mind. After that I understood that feeling little and being little where two different things. I'll end this note on a "please please please try to kick my ass".

Social fool was my middle name and believe me it has fitting.

Then one day at school I got into trouble. Big trouble! I'm not going to tell you what I did (pulled the fire alarm) but I will tell you that it got me in a lot of trouble.This lead me to be kicked out of school (deserved) and left with only one alternative...... an "alternative school". For those of you that have never had the privilege of this option ans alternative school is where all the "bad" kids go after they are deemed unfit  to be in a regular school.

Now, I'm in a real bind. Now I'm going into a school where the real big and bad kids go and I don't know a single person. A dork in a mosh pit of unknown rebels. Was I scared of the fights? Nope! However, I know I was never going to fit in. I couldn't even fit in with the "normal" kids. To me this was like a priest going to jail (almost).

Despite my gut feeling on the matter I decided to go. This was when my whole life change.

Alternative School Day 1: I was fresh in and still looking for my new classes. It was about one hour into the day. I'm looking at my class list when I suddenly hear a "hi". You would be shocked (has I was) to know that this welcome came from one what I later realized was the hottest girl in the school.

Her: "you are new here right?"
Me: "ummmmm"
Her: "what got you put here?"
Me: "ummmm mm mm"
Her: "what school did you come from?
Me: "well I..."
Her: " do you have a girlfriend"
Her: "good, come with me"

To make a short story a little shorter.... we where a couple by the next day!

Alternative School Day 2: I'm not to much of a sporty person. However, on day two of my new school I joined a game of basket ball for the first time. The funny thing about basket ball to me is that I'm actually good. From day one on the court I have always had a bit of skill. Just enough touch of the game to leave people on day two of school wanting me to be on their team the next day. For the record... I can't jump to save my life but I can toss up more then a few nasty looking 3points (let the record show)!

Alternative School Day 3: A "bad ass" want's to fight, O NO! This attack was stopped short by a onlooker.

Onlooker: "don't mess with that kid"
Bad Ass: "why?"
Onlooker " because he is cool"

That comment came from what I thought was the coolest kid in that school.

Alternative School Day 4: I am now the coolest kid in school. What do you know? The quick luck of female attraction and a few 3 pointers and whooooo hoooooo....... I'M IN! Done deal.... cool house party's here I come!

I'm sure that you (my reader) can almost see this happening. A fluke! I didn't change me. Simply, what people saw of me changed.... and it didn't take much.

On day 4 of my new school I learned one of the most valuable lessons in life I think one can learn:
People are easily fooled into believing what is cool and what isen't!

Social circles work the same way, has in, they are easily fooled.

Personaly, I have never tried to fool anyone about who I am. However, I have to tell you that I have used this knowledge to my benefit when it comes to social circles, making friends, and meeting people. Where I use to never be able to look at or talk to people you might see me now walk into a room full of people I don't know, shaking hands, and introducing myself along the way. This took years to develop, of course, but it all started with the understanding that I (at age 16) was not the only one confused. At age 33 I still understand this notion and it has served me well.

Being a social monster (like I tend to be) has its down falls though I've learned. For me being social is like a light switch. Sometimes I want to turn it on..... some times I don't. I have learned recently that being non social is not taken so likely. When I'm expected to be social and I'm choosing not to be..... sometimes the consequences are devastating. Sometimes you are looked at like an outcast. For me.... it's almost like I'm in high school again.... silly.

The reason being: because I have never changed! If you look at me on a personal level and you find someone you like and care about then that's what I am. Now, if you find me cool, honest, easy going, and big heated then find out later I don't fit your social network to you'r liking..... does that mean I'm a different person? NO! Being outstanding and friendly is always cool..... one should always inspire to be friendly!

Fitting into a social circle that wont accept you for who you are is high school stuff. Never change who you are if you know you are a good person on the inside. I never did... I never will.... no matter how many hands I shake along the way of finding myself.

P.S. Love with all you got!


joseph2dogs said...

Your still a Dork, HeHeHe! Hope your doing Well And Blessed, You Still Owe Me A game of Chess. I Pray For you Often And Have Been Wondering About you,Glad to hear from You

Hoddyfaerie said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Rob and they rang true for me. I never fit in and felt alone most of my life. Actually, I still feel that way. Hard work and determination build character and you are a man of character. It is good to see life is becoming kinder to you as a result of your fortitude. May peace always follow your footsteps. Your friend, Holly Minor aka hoddyfaerie

Lance Greene said...

Nice Blog Rob! But hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....i believe there is much more talent and strengths inside you then you are giving yourself credit for. Just sayin :-)

kevin Cedar rapids said...

I read your post ab about being homeless you offer so so much information thank you so much I don't know what I would have done without it. I've always had strong faith but I'm turning to God the more thinking that and give it coming up month I might be homeless. I'm looking for the rest of your stories about being home but I noticed that I'm reading something at 6 months older than what I was reading previously I hope you were able to get back to your little girls god bless you rob. Interesting enough my best friend's name is rob. Currently I am NOT home laying on my own here and I was and its raining. I'm kind of scared thinking that I will soon be home and I don't know what it is that I'm searching for. I don't feel like asking for help and I'm resorting two moving to a city that is 60 miles away from where I grew up. I don't feel like hitting rock bottom around all those I love the people that I kmew and I grew up in the foster care system and I've always kind of felt like there was something out there better for me. If I feel it starting a new life I think that maybe somewhere around here I might have a chance at finding someone to live with if I fail at being homeless.